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1. What is EPOS?

Electronic Point of Sales (EPOS) systems are Computer Based modern Point of Sale (POS) hardware. They accompany a greater amount of software capability to handle point of sales operations in a quick and organised manner.

2. What is a touch screen EPOS system?

Touch screen is a modern system which replaces the keyboard and mouse. Touch screen helps point of sales operations to be faster, more accurate and contemporary. All the buttons are located on the screen allowing the user to handle transactions, pay points, lottery and top-ups at the same time.

3. What is a computer-based POS system?

Computer-based POS come with standard personal computers and other peripherals, such as a printer, scanner and POS software. This can provide a POS solution, though has limitations depending on the type of hardware and software used.

4. Can I use the touch screen as a computer?

The touch screen can be used as a computer providing they are based on required operating systems, such as Windows XP Professional.

5. What are the advantages of EPOS?

There are many benefits of EPOS systems including:
  • Easy to use
  • Fast and accurate
  • Can arrest mishandling of cash
  • Ability to perform volumes of transactions
  • Simplified software options and customised programming
  • Can be accessed via broadband

6. Do we have to pay for demonstration and consultation?

No, our service to the customer begins from the point of enquiry and our staff are readily available to provide all consultations free of charge, regardless of whether or not you are an existing customer. We can provide consultations as well as demonstrations at your premises, enabling you to understand the system at your convenience.

7. Are there any hidden charges in your pricing system?

Our pricing system does not include any hidden charge or any other monthly payments. We strictly follow the transparency of our pricing system and will elaborate all required information upon providing a quotation. T&C Apply.

8. How quickly can you install EPOS systems?

We maintain a maximum of three working days from the date of confirmation for installation within the M25 area

9. What is the installation process?

The installation process consists of:
  • Receiving the order confirmation
  • Payment confirmation
  • Finalising the date of installation
  • Finalising the programme requirement in consultation with you
  • Our technical team will configure the hardware and install the software at our technical division and test machines, peripherals and software
  • Installation
  • Troubleshooting and customisation
  • Training
  • Follow up from our sales team

10. Can I get software support from your company?

We provide software installation and technical support on case by case basis. This is down to the fact that the hardware already installed may not be compatible with the software we provide. However, we are more than happy to assist you if technical assessment is positive and subject to software test runs being undertaken.

11. Can this machine be linked with Chip & Pin?

Our partner Payment Sense provide chip and pin solutions and we provide the pin pad and other peripherals required.

12. Can we link CCTV and Wireless Water pad to this system, stock taking devices and weighing scale?

All our systems are compatible with CCTV, wireless ordering system or waiter pad, stock taking device and weighting scale. Regarding CCTV, it is advised to coordinate between the CCTV supplier and us before you embark on those systems. Each CCTV at a PoS system operates as an overt security interface where the mere sight of it can prevent theft. However, should this not be the case, CCTV systems will record every transaction taken throughout the day. Some interfaces can have data wired directly to the screen from the till. We Use specially device called “VSI Pro” for customers to see the transparency of day

13. What is a back-office system?

The function of back office software is specific and aimed at a range of purposes from stock controlling to proper accounting of stocks through customer orientated services such as loyalty discounts. Additionally, back office software could also help manage records of staff attendance whilst maintaining certain security measures to minimise wastages. T&C Apply

14. How can I buy these systems?

Simply Call Our Friendly Sales Department on 02085555055

15. What is your minimum response time?

We have a record of minimum response time for attending to client’s technical problems in-house at the customer’s premises. Our 24/7 technical support team minimises interruption of business.

16. Can you provide online technical support?

We are very well equipped to provide technical support via remotely, telephone and broadband.
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