Hospitality Max

Hospitality Max is a very simple order management tool created especially for any retail business, with an easy to use intuitive interface, designed to be both fast and user friendly. Hospitality Max prides itself in tailor making real solutions for it’s retail customers, enabling them to work smarter not harder which in turn will increase their overall profits providing total customer satisfaction.Hospitality Max saves you time and money coupled with second to none reliability, availability and support.

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The One-stop solution for all you Retail needs

Marrying together world class software with some of the best hardware available today we create industry specific systems that are tailored to the individual business. For hardware we partner with all top brands including Aures and Sam4s, and we have access to all makes of system peripherals. Hospitality Max software, a very sophisticated but easy to use order management tool, was created especially for all types of Retail and Convenience Stores.

Why we are known as the best

Hospitality Max has many features that enhance and improve your overall business ,Hospitality Max is recognised to improve the employees productivity simple an user-friendly interface which can be fully customized ,therefore Increases business flexibility with the help of Customer database , and ability work smart and efficient with the backup and restore tools that’s product you valuable customer data and financial records.

7 Reasons why we are worth affiliating

  • 1: Our team works as part of your team, we are there to help you grow and develop your business your success is our success.
  • 2: We know how to apply programming expertise to practical, easy to use yet sophisticated software applications
  • 3: We are proactive in developing enhanced functionality within our systems and deliver regular updates
  • 4: We are responsive to developing bespoke solutions to provide for the individual needs of our clients
  • 5: We provide a full back-up service to ensure that your operation always continues to run like clockwork!
  • 6: We know that our solutions are superior because of how many of our clients have chosen to migrate from our competitors’ systems
  • 7: We realise that in a very competitive environment, our clients need affordable, reliable technology to help their businesses excel


Save Time and Money

  • + User-friendly and efficient interface
  • + Large, easy-to-read Hotkey entry buttons
  • + Employee training is fast and easy
  • + Customizable Hotkey buttons
  • + Intelligent Stock Control
  • + Multiple price bands
  • + Offers & Promotions
  • + Discount calculations
  • + Set aside/Held
  • + Sales by weight

invoicing made easy

  • + Backup & restore tools
  • + Customer Loyalty Schemes
  • + Latest marketing modules to increase profit
  • + Supplier Management
  • + Purchase order
  • + Split bill calculations
  • + Price Embedded barcode
  • + Task manager to improve efficiency
  • + Handheld Order Taking option
  • + Refund Option

Take payments from a computer

  • + Low-cost Retail EPOS Software
  • + Promotional message on customer receipts
  • + Product search & Price lookup
  • + Customer search
  • + Create customer database
  • + View previous transactions
  • + Staff login and logout
  • + Print End of Day Tills Report
  • + Print End of Day Cashier Report
  • + Print End of Day Category Report

Deposits as soon as the next business day

  • + Print End of Day Full Report
  • + Today Sales, Weekly Sales, Hourly Sales
  • + Stock Report
  • + VAT Report
  • + Top 100 Best-Sellers
  • + Compare weekly, monthly and yearly sales
  • + Text messaging
  • + Email marketing
  • + Competitions

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