Online, web-based version of our back-office software. This allows access to real time sales information from anywhere in the world using any web enabled device. Can also integrate with your CCTV system.

Unified management system

Real time and historical sales reports at your fingertips. Offfice Web Max provides complete control over your business from anywhere. Stock, staff, pricing and programming; Office Web Maxgives you control over it all.

Business management and analytics

Office web Max gives you the insights to make informed decisions for your business. See what's really selling and at what price, who your most effective staff are, when your peak sales periods are, and over 100 more reports to delve into Office Web+ max presents information in easy-to-analyse graphs and charts, giving you the power to drill down into specific data instantly. Export your data into .xls or .pdf at the click of a button.


    Multi-Site With Head Office Level

    Supports single tills at a single site, to multiple tills at multiple sites controlled by a centralised head office. Expand as you grow.


    The language of the button text, identifiers and labels used within the interface can be changed to suit different users.

    Custom Trading Times

    Trading times for each site can be configured so the dashboard and reports reflect the daily start and end times that a business is operating.

    Tailored Locales

    For global businesses, Office WebMax reflects the appropriate locales and currencies.

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